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The area where Malsova-Home is located (Mani, Messinia) provides a wide variety of interests that can satisfy every traveler. From crystal clear coasts and seas to towering mountains, from rocky landscapes with olive trees to dense forests
This landscape is complemented by foot paths,  caves to explore, rare herbs, ancient and modern monuments of great historical importance.


Enjoy the private beach of Malsova Home, just outside your house! Explore the beautiful sea and relax on the sunbeds provided free for the customers of  Malsova Home. Discover all the beauty and diversity of the Mani sea with a visit to some of its most secluded and precious beaches. Rocky beaches with sleek rocks and emerald seas, golden sands, desert beaches for those who just want to enjoy the natural landscape and for those who like more a beach where they can also go for a coffee or a drink


Professional divers can teach you how to dive, no matter if you are an amateur or an expert in diving


Embark on an exciting aquatic adventure around the Messenian gulf with a Sailing Yacht. Set your own itinerary, or hire one experienced skipper for a truly carefree experience.


It is possible to hire your own kayak


Whether you want to fish, snorkel, or simply soak up the views, you can charter a small boat via the Stoupa Beach Sports. Spend the day at a secluded sandy cove, or explore some of the lesser-visited spots around Mani.

Horse riding

Where better to learn the art of Horse Riding than in Mani’s nature? A professional can teach you how to ride on the specially formed arena or have an organised trekking tour on Mani’s countryside.

Carriage rides

Relax on a horse-drawn carriage as you travel along the beautiful coastline


Near Malsova – Home  there are two lovely places you can practise Yoga, relax and enjoy a stunning natural environment. The combination of Mani’s nature and Yoga is a unique relaxation experience

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